A Recent HMO

Everyone doing their due diligence likes to see a case study.

It’s an example of a Nottingham project we undertook for one of our investor clients, just outside the Article 4 zone. 


Purchase price: £110,000



This four bedroom home was in need of thorough modernization.



Valuation: £180,000



The process of converting this to a 6 bedroom HMO needed the vision of the Fossey Taylor team. The small separate W.C. was removed and a wall taken down to make an extra bedroom. An additional bathroom was added and the existing bathroom was moved. The end result is that the rooms are very popular.

At a valuation of £180,000 this allowed the investor’s capital to be recycled (£135,000 out for a 75% LTV mortgage)


Purchase price: £110,000
Renovation: £31,800

Post renovation valuation: £180,000
Monthly gross rent achieved: £2,101

Time invested: A trip to meet the team in Nottingham at a Fossey Taylor Discovery Day.

If you are considering investing in the UK’s #1 Buy To Let investment hotspot, we run a free monthly ‘Discovery Day’, on which we take you through what we do and how we do it in detail, take you to see some example properties, let you probe our business and ask all the questions you need.

We provide full service “arm-chair” investing for Buy-to-Let properties, HMOs and offer flips and development projects in the East Midlands including Derby and Nottingham.