Armchair property investors

Armchair property investors

An important factor to consider is that if you want to purchase the right investment property, which on paper seems like common sense and relatively easy to do. If it was that easy we would all be property investors. This property needs to be right regardless of its location in relation to where you are based, as an arm chair investor this increases your geographical options.  You can take advantage of some of the best yields across the UK, for example Nottingham, with the help of the right property investment company.

It seems like common sense again but the secret to a successful armchair investment is to work with the right partners, researching all potential property investment companies. It should go without saying however we are going to say it no the less, it is important to buy from a company with a proven track record; use a letting agent that specialises in the rental sector you are looking to be in eg student, residential, DSS, commercial or retail. Each of these is a specialist field and if not undertaken by an experienced agent, can lead to the failure of a potentially good investment.

Should you be looking for the investment property to provide a passive additional income or as a pension, it is best to use an agent. Whatever you do, make sure you carry out thorough research, before making any decisions on how you will manage your investment.

If you have an agent looking after your property, all you have to do is check your bank account to make sure your investment yield has paid.  You won’t have to worry about obtaining the correct licenses and keeping them up to date; paying utilities; organising repairs; resolving tenant complaints; chasing rent arrears; and providing the annual gas, electricity and PAT certificates.

You can see why so many of our clients use our arm chair service, it leaves them to get on with their lives knowing we are working hard to give the best ROI with no hassle.