Fossey Taylor are the Investors Estate Agent

Fossey Taylor are ‘the Investors Estate Agent’, we don’t sell you a property, we help you buy one. As property professionals, we source an investment property for individual clients. Agreeing the sale, progressing the sale, managing the professionals (solicitor, finance, insurance, accountant). Managing any necessary renovation or maintenance then managing the rental and on-going tenancy of the property. All under one roof, with great customer service.


We have a diverse range of clients ranging from, solicitors, doctors, IFA’s, It consultants, Teachers and Dentists all who are happy to invest as an individual or as part of a property joint ventures, and property partnerships. We research property hot spots and are currently investing in property in the Nottingham area, as there is an abundance of cheap property. The service we offer here at Fossey Taylor allows an investor to have hands free property investments and hands free property.


Property profits and income comes mainly in two ways. Either buy to sell property projects, sometimes referred to as flipping a property. The second source of property income comes from buying a house to rent or ‘buy to let’, where you buy and then we rent out your property investment . Fossey Taylor offer services to achieve both methods of property income and profit, additionally due to our expertise and experience we can help people increase their existing property portfolio. We save time and money and also hassle by minimizing mistakes.


Fossey Taylor have over 70+ refurbishment teams constantly refurbishing investment properties, therefore we achieve fantastic economies of scale that we then pass on to people who invest in property through Fossey Taylor.