FT and FT clients will borrow up to £1.35 Million next month…

…and we are getting pretty tired of having to keep going to the bank for it. Banks are slow and expensive. Also, we notice that even though they are charging us between 4-6% to borrow the money, they seem to be paying their savers only a fraction of that!

We have decided to offer an alternative, a peer-to-peer lending platform, secured exclusively on Fossey Taylor property in the East Midlands bought by Fossey Taylor and Fossey Taylor clients.

[To find out more about the kinds of property we are buying, from £50,000-£500,000, click here].

So do you, or someone you know, have cash sat in a bank account at a poor rate of return? Are you or they worried about the cash being secure in the bank [think about those FCS letters saying ‘don’t worry your cash is safe up to £75,000’, we read that as, ‘everything over £75,000 is not so safe, and if anything happened, don’t say we didn’t warn you!]?

If you Joint Venture with Fossey Taylor here are some of the benefits over leaving that cash in the bank:

  • up to a 6% return on your cash,
  • Secured by a first charge on property,
  • Conservative lending at between 50-70% LTV
  • Interest paid monthly.
  • Terms from 6-12 months, or longer by negotiation.

A simple deal loan would look like this:

Purchase price:                         £50 – 75,000

Loan:                                           £40 – 60,000

Monthly payment to you:       £240 – 300 pcm

We also get involved in larger projects up to £500,000+, and we can also package several properties together to tailor the lent sum to your available funds.

Disclaimer: All lending is strictly a Joint Venture between you and your partner, this is not collective investment and Fossey Taylor is not acting as a broker, lender or intermediary in the act of lending, we are simply the ‘dating agency’.

Interested? email us now.

Visit YouTube to see some previous projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about our investment properties rather than lending as a JV, then visit our website, or click here for a London discovery day or here for our Nottingham Discovery day. On an Investor Day we spend ½ a day showing you what we do and how we do it.