Fossey Taylor make the process of growing a property portfolio predictable and repeatable. We’re over 600 properties into this journey and we offer the exact same opportunities to our clients that we find for ourselves – what we put in your portfolio is what we put in our own portfolios.

Our aim is to offer a select number of clients the opportunity to invest alongside us. We buy houses in the same streets as houses we already own and buy ourselves so we know the market, we know the numbers for our deals and we know the tenants.

Our brochure isn’t for you if you’re looking for a no-money down, get rich quick scheme.

We work with clients who are looking for a healthy return on their investment and want none of the hassle of finding property investments, adding value and managing tenants.

We have a family of companies to take the stress of being an active property investor away, allowing you to reap the cash flow and long term capital growth of a solid portfolio. All from the comfort of your arm-chair.

If you want a partner in property who will find, build and manage a set of assets for you, fill in your details here and we’ll send you our brochure. We’ll also send you some of our recent opportunities so that you can see the type of property opportunity we find.

There are never any long term commitments to working with us – we live and die on the strength of our last project.

We won’t share your details with anyone else.