How is your Pension shaping up?

Use your pension for property investment

I would like to share with you an meeting with a gentleman who I met recently who ‘liberates’ pensions for disillusioned clients who want to access their pension early, as it’s now their right, and re-invest it in something more profitable. He told me his sales pitch and I found it very interesting so I thought I would share it with you here.

First he asks a potential client questions about key things in their life that have some kind of financial measurement. So for example, how much do you earn? How much tax do you pay? How much is your house worth? How much was your last holiday? And so on. He then he asks a few more random questions like, how much is your Gym membership? What does the dog cost to insure? Have you worked out the overall running cost per mile of that lease car you have sat on the drive? Most people know most of the answers, sometimes even the minutia in quite a lot of detail.

Then he hits them with the Biggie;
How much is sat in your pension pot and how much will it give you per month when you retire?

And Bhamm’, he has everyone’s attention. Then start to listen as they start to think because, as this man is finding out, most people do now know.

With a little gentle probing, he can usually show even those who think they know, that they probably don’t really. Also, and perhaps more concerning, is that people generally don’t know much about how their pension fund is run or charged for, or how its performance specifically translates into Pounds, Shillings and Pence at the end of the term.

This man tells me that most know more about the trivial details of their finances than they do about the one financial product that could be the biggest investment they have ever made. It is an extraordinarily expensive financial product with one specific purpose of the upmost importance, to looking after you in old age.

A lot of people are delegating the responsibility to an unknown quantity, for uncertain results is that clever?

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to pumping countless thousands into an unknown. Something that has a proven track record and where everything about the investment is visible to you, owned wholly by you and ultimately controlled just by you [even if you have advisors, agents and so on, they are YOUR team chosen by YOU]. Then you should be looking at investing in property.

Join us in investing in property

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Jesse Fossey Taylor

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