Investment Property Industry a personal insight

Investment Property Industry a personal insight.


If you read the popular press or watch TV you cannot have failed to notice that there is increased talk around property. You are probably also noticing that there is not one clear voice telling a consistent story. Variously, and depending upon which paper you are reading or news article you are watching, property prices are either still falling, some areas are experiencing rising prices, some areas are flat. Some commentators are talking about the or the next boom and some are even warning of an imminent ‘bubble’!

It can all be very confusing and hard to decipher. So what is the answer? Where can you get clear, concise and reliable comment?

At Fossey Taylor we think we have the answer, it comes in several parts.

  1. Firstly there is no definitive answer, deal with that fact first! The UK property market is made up of tens of thousands of property transactions, each one with at least a few of dozens of different factors effecting the price. It is impossible to say anything worthwhile in a sound bite.
  2. Understand point 1 and you are half way there, it means you will disregard 90% of everything that is written or said about the property market, most of it is unqualified and sensationalist.
  3. Get past point 2 and you are left with the roughly 10% of really good information. Stuff that can be called ‘research’ rather than a ‘story’! As a professional property investor you want in-depth numbers and analytical notes. Usually the kind of research we like comes with quite a broad conclusion rather than something definite. That does not sound ideal, but there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ answer, so stop looking!


At Fossey Taylor we love it when large companies or institutions employ lots of expensive economic brains to write in depth research reports, then make them public.  In fact we make a habit of jotting down the details and going back time and again for their latest updates, we thought you mike like it if we shared some of them with you?

One of our firm favourites is Savills, they have a very good research division and produce a wonderful quarterly report.

A little story for you, ‘As a business we bank with Lloyds and in our last meeting with them my bank manager noticed a hard copy of the latest Savills report on my desk and made a comment that all the bank managers at Lloyds are pointed towards the same report in their monthly meetings. In fact Savills also so some bespoke reports for Lloyds’. That is Lloyds, majority owned by the government Lloyds, all reading these reports.


Do you think you should take a look? I’ve put some links to Savills articles in below, I’ll send you others when I notice something interesting.

Some of you may wonder at my ulterior motive for sending you this email, why give away our secrets?

Well we love the fact that Savills are effectively endorsing the way we invest. Savills talk about investing in good quality grade C stock’ [you will have to read the report to see what that means], and that is exactly what we do at Fossey Taylor.

We are the investors estate agent: We save you time and money buy, finding, renovating if needed, renting and then managing investment properties for clients. Take a look at Savills below, and take a more detailed look at what we do too.

You have not missed the bandwagon, but it is coming, but do not take our word for it read savills report, and Rental Britain is here to stay, take a look for yourself. Plus the good news is that talk of a ‘housing bubble’ looks premature as shown in this report.