Now is the time to review your pension options

It is no surprise that several financial and property experts are commenting that ignoring your pension is no way to save for retirement. Having read several articles we are also not surprised to learn that women tend to expect only half the income during their retirement years as men. Despite this conditioning from society, such perceptions do not have to become reality. There are a number of proven investment techniques that both men and woman can put into practice now that will afford them the income they desire in retirement.

Many experts are stating property is superior investments compared to savings due to it not relying on the whims of bankers and their willingness to adjust savings interest rates. It only depends on your investment acumen and your willingness to be smart and put in the effort to be a successful property owner. With the guidance of how to buy the right properties and the support to manage a portfolio, there is virtually no limit to the amount of money you can make in rental property.

By next year, the rules regulating pensions in the UK will come into effect. You will be able to draw down your pension and use that money for better investments. We urge you to do so, whether you are male or female, by putting your money into rental property. Fossey Taylor is here to help you every step of the way. We will provide you with all the advice you need as well as access to very attractive properties in the Nottingham area and beyond.

investing in a property portfolio with Fossey Taylor

At Fossey Taylor, our strategy is based on locating off-market properties that can be had for extremely low prices, through our economies of scale we can refurbish the investment property adding further value to your buy to let property. Our clients either use buy-to-let mortgages from banks and building societies to fund their purchases or purchase their properties with existing funds. One of the benefits of using a buy to let mortgage, it can allow for the majority of your initial funds to be taken out of the property and be ready to invest in your next property investment, thus helping you build a successful property portfolio.  It is worth pointing out that this is a long term financial strategy and is a time-tested strategy that endures all of the vicissitudes of the property market.

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