Penton Taylor is not Fossey Taylor

Who Were Penton Taylor?

Jesse Fossey Taylor was one of two directors at Penton Taylor, a property sourcing company that closed its doors in 2012.

In the Penton Taylor business Jesse sourced the property whilst the majority of the marketing was done by someone else. When Jesse talks about Penton Taylor he will describe a company that did a simple source and renovate job. Penton Taylor bought houses in Nottingham. They cost mostly about £50,000-£60,000 in 2010-12 and for most people they did a great job.

Is Fossey Taylor a resurrection of Penton Taylor?

The Fossey Taylor property group is not a continuation of, or a phoenix of, Penton Taylor. There is a gap in trading and they are separate limited companies. No goodwill or equity transferred from one company to the other. Penton Taylor just closed. At Fossey Taylor there are different people involved, different offices, different systems and procedures. Importantly there is a different philosophy and a high quality mantra that was in the Fossey Taylor DNA from day one.
There were undoubtedly issues with some aspects of the Penton Taylor business. The only qualifications Jesse had at the time were his own property successes and no one pretended otherwise [Jesse owns nearly 200 houses himself]. Importantly, whatever Penton Taylor did was exactly what Jesse was doing for himself and anything that was ‘wrong’ was true of what Jesse was buying himself. Jesse might say he was ‘eating his own dog food’. In fact it was at this time that Jesse formulated his ‘we only show you a house we’d be happy to buy ourselves’ promise which he still stands behind.

Anyone who bought with Penton Taylor got a great deal. Penton Taylor certainly created a few property millionaires. The business was run around a kitchen table and the houses invested in were exactly what Jesse was buying himself. Both directors were doing what they felt to be their best.

If there were any criticisms of Penton Taylor, they effectively became a list of things to fix for Fossey Taylor.

When Penton Taylor closed its doors in 2012, the two directors went their separate ways and it could be described as a divorce. Clients certainly did very well whilst the business was open.

The Fossey Taylor Companies

There are several ‘Fossey Taylor Group’ companies and Jesse owns all of them. [There is Fossey Taylor Ltd, a letting agency Butterfield Taylor Ltd, a few SPV’s and a development company, plus a mortgage business Lace Market Mortgages & Insurance Ltd].
Fossey Taylor is Jesse’s vision and he takes responsibility for everything it does.
If anyone needs clarity Fossey is Jesse’s wife’s maiden name and Butterfield is his mother’s maiden name.

We certainly expect our clients to do their own due diligence on both our business and the properties we work on. We hope you found this post useful, and we are always open to discuss any of your queries. If you would like to come and meet us, please get in touch.