Property Investment Podcasts

Jesse Fossey Taylor makes time in his hectic property investing and business schedule to interview with some of our favourite investment podcasts. It’s a way of sharing what works and what doesn’t with people looking to build a bigger portfolio.

One of the core concepts of the Fossey Taylor hands-free portfolio business is that Jesse and his team wouldn’t suggest a property investment to a client that Jesse wouldn’t buy himself. In fact, that’s how he guarantees each purchase. In these podcasts interviews, he reveals his investment approach so that you can hear for yourself what works, what doesn’t and how to go about growing your portfolio.

Your Property Network – Are You Making Money From Property Right Now?

Jesse Fossey Taylor goes in depth with a case study on one of his properties. In this webinar there is a start to finish run down of all the costs involved.

You can watch the case study here.

Inside Property Investing – Serial Entrepreneur Outlines Strategy for 500 Property Purchases

Property Investing PodcastMike Stenhouse has interviewed over 150 successful property investors, and in his interview with Jesse he dives into the momentum investing strategy used to purchase over 500 properties (actually we’re over 600 now!). In this episode:

  • Momentum investing – buying at a discount, adding value, refinance, repeat
  • How Jesse applied the science of making a chain of sandwiches shops to the business of growing property portfolios
  • The biggest difficulty in property investing
  • How to keep it simple and reap the rewards

You can listen to Jesse’s interview with Mike Stenhouse at Inside Property Investing.