Property investment via video

“We run a fantastic business here, creating property portfolios for our clients in a reliable, predictable and transparent way, we thought it would be a great idea to share that with you, so we have created the Fossey Taylor  YouTube channel! Our original use of You Tube was simply as an easy way for us to share weekly progress on any property renovation with clients who had already invested via Fossey Taylor, every client gets a weekly update on progress and we often shoot a video to give clients a great insight into what we are doing.

One of our clients recently said,

“Hey why don’t you share that link with ALL your clients and potential clients, it would give them the confidence that you really do what you say you do. To be honest I was a little skeptical that you A) bought so many houses and B) managed to refurb them so quickly and to such a great quality. A video YouTube channel would let everyone see that you really are doing what you say you are doing!”

So now we upload our latest video updates of clients property to the channel weekly so our clients and now YOU can see exactly what we are doing. They all have code so you can track the progress of each property from start to finish, yes we bought it, we fixed it and then we rented it all in about 4 to 6 weeks! And we do it over and over…

We also occasionally throw up a video blog too, giving you some real insights into todays property market, what we are buying and how we are buying it, plus Why we are buying it

Anyone is free to view the channel but if you sign up, you will get extra weekly updates sent directly to your inbox.

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