The Numbers

We work hard to make sure your money is invested in property in a profitable way.

We make no promises other than we would invest in each and every property we recommend ourselves. Over the long term and with over 600 previous properties our team have helped to buy, we can tell you that we make consistent gains and we can show you how.

-Our task is to create a margin on a property purchase; by that we usually mean a combination of both buying cheap and also adding value. By doing this we create equity.

-The types of property we buy for clients are the same as we buy for ourselves. As markets move this may change, therefore the numbers involved may also change.

-Currently, we are buying predominately two and three bedroom houses for single occupancy or to be converted to five to six bedroom houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs).

-You will need access to a capital ‘pot’ to invest, amounts vary depending on what you want to achieve and the level of financing [leverage] you wish to employ.

-The minimum level of capital ‘pot’ clients need to be involved is £40,000 for a single let, or £90,000 for a HMO, but we work with some clients who have £500,000 or more.

We are unable to work with anyone who has not come to meet us. We would not feel comfortable that you know exactly what we do. We are always trying to do what’s best for our clients and it helps when we have met. Our Investor days are held in Nottingham which is very centrally placed with excellent public transport and road network.

When you meet us you’ll get an in-depth explanation of our systems, property and the numbers.

Come and see us.