Transaction boom forecast for 2014 – Let Fossey Taylor Help You Get into Property Investment This Year and Take advantage.

Transaction boom forecast for 2014 –
Let Fossey Taylor Help You Get into Property This Year and Take advantage.

A boom in transactions is imminent, according to the first major property market forecast for the year 2014 and onwards. Hamptons International say that housing market activity will enjoy double digit growth in the next three years, with transactions back above 1m by 2016.

Prior to the financial recession transactions were running at 1.2m per year.

The forecast focuses on transaction data rather than house prices, as Fionnuala Early, research director at Hamptons, says these are a “far superior indicator” of housing market health.

“A liquid and active market is the key to avoiding volatility and to ensuring a stable and sustainable housing market in the UK,” she added.

Transactions will be 50 per cent higher than they are today in 2018 say Hamptons, assuming no other seismic economic events push the recovery off course.

House prices are forecast to rise by six per cent in 2014 and by almost a quarter over the next five years. Surprisingly though house prices in prime central London are anticipated to slow their growth, going up by just three per cent in 2014. However over the next five years they are still expected to go up by 20 per cent.

“In the prime central London market we expect demand to soften as investors search for better yielding assets elsewhere,” Earley continued.

“The East Midlands is still the #1 BTL Hotspot in the UK”
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The forecast from Hamptons is the first of many from across the industry, which will appear between now and January.