We would like to share with you a case study of one of our existing customers here at Fossey Taylor.

Richard is a full time IT project manager and has some experience of investing in property over the years. Unfortunately not all those experiences have been good experiences. When asked why he chose Fossey Taylor?

“It was refreshing to carry out research and find a transparent trust worthy person in Jesse and his team”

I asked Richard what sort of research he carried out before deciding to use Fossey Taylor?

“Initially I used the internet to find out as much information as possible, property forums, websites, Google reviews all showed positive signs” “I then attended one of their discovery workshops and it was refreshing to see such an honest transparent approach especially compared to what I have experienced in the past”

This particular client was introduced to Fossey Taylor, roughly 18 months ago.

A little about Richard and his property investment projects with Fossey Taylor, in his own words.

“I am currently on my second project with Fossey Taylor.  Both projects I went to them with a distinct set of criteria that was very individual to my needs and they very quickly meet those needs.

The first project was a former corner shop split into 3 flats that needed complete refurbishment.  The buying process went smoothly and almost immediately the work began.  The refurbishment went according to plan; as each flat was completed it was rented to help with the cash flow.   The refurbishment went to plan with a slight over budget expense at the end which is to be expected with a project of more complexity.

The property was mortgaged after 6 months and I have released almost all my initial investment. Most importantly compared with other property investment management providers Fossey Taylor do what they say they are going to do, are trustworthy and reliable.

My next project is another multi flat unit.  It was purchased below market value which is always a good start to the investment.  It is currently undergoing refurbishment and I have been impressed by Fossey Taylor’s project management and organization skills.  I have no reason to believe that this won’t be another very successful investment for me.”

I would like to leave the final words from Richard himself

“I would be glad to highly recommend Jesse and his Team”