What Are The Next Steps

If you are interested in our service, there really is only one thing to do:
come and see us!

We run a free monthly ‘Discovery Day’ on which we take you through what we do and how we do it in detail. We will take you to see some example properties, let you probe our business and ask all the questions you need.

We also recognise that Nottingham is quite a long way away and as a large percent of our customers are ‘Southern Centric’ we also very occasionally run a similar day in central London. Obviously this is minus the tour of our offices and you don’t get to see the property or meet the team. As mentioned earlier the day is completely free, we even give you some useful knowledge for free. The discovery days in London start at 10am and finish around 1:30pm.

The Nottingham discovery days take a little longer as we take you on a physical tour of some of our current investment properties. So we really would recommend making the effort and coming over to see us in Nottingham.

We rarely run London Discovery Days any more. We find that it’s really worth the effort to come and see our operation – in fact we require clients see what we do in the properties before we can work together. Come along and meet us in Nottingham:

We look forward to meeting you all!


The venue details for our London discovery workshop are below:

Situated opposite the Searcys Champagne Bar on the Grand Terrace, 1st floor, at London’s St Pancras Station.
On reception please ask to be show to the private dining room to meet with Fossey Taylor.
Full contact details of the venue: Searcys 0207 585 0505