Why is Property Investing So Hard?

Property investing can be fantastically difficult at times. In his first few dozen properties, Jesse was on the steep part of the learning curve and he’s been committed to learning and improving even though we’re now past 600 properties.

Fossey Taylor are a team of property professionals, each in charge of our own cog in the machine. That machine only runs smoothly when everyone is supported in their role.

Do Fossey Taylor Have Property Problems?

We have lots of ‘problems’ in our business. On average two or three things go ‘wrong’ in any given day. This is property and if anyone tell you that everything goes smoothly all the time they are just plain wrong.

While we offer a hands-free portfolio building service,  we would never pretend that problems don’t occur. A big part of our education piece for new clients is telling them what we are responsible for and what we can’t be responsible for. We only make one promise and that is to do our best and advise on what we would do in that same situation, these are houses our clients own in their own names and they have the ultimate responsibility and or course all of the upside too.

We are always realistic, open and honest. A lot of our ‘sales’ process [we don’t call it sales], could very easily put a client off property all together. We don’t say this will all be a breeze and you will make millions overnight. We know that we are building long term relationships with our clients that will last the life of the investment, hopefully 10, 20, 30+ years.

Here is a list of all the good stuff Fossey Taylor does, we think most property people would approve of most of it

  • All clients must meet us before we work with them.
  • All clients sign not only a terms of business [the lawyers want that], but also a scope of service document that spells out in plain English exactly where our and our clients’ respective responsibilities begin and end.
  • All property is bought at value and renovated to create value.
  • All renovations have schedule of works, gas and electrical certificates as applicable and all work is warrantied.
  • All jobs have a works manager who visits site regularly, often multiple times a week.
  • We make a video at key stages of all renovations send it to clients as an update and a record.
  • We have a lettings business that is second to none. Our rent collection, void and bad debt levels are exceptional compared to our competitors for two reasons: we know what we are doing and we care.

Our goal for our clients is an amazing one:

We want to get our clients into the top 5% of earners in the UK through property, and to have them there with little effort and no need for ongoing work.

To be clear, that aim equates to £80,000 [top 5%] per annum as a passive income.

Some people take a swipe at that goal saying it is unrealistic. Jesse likes to point out that is a realistic goal for anyone. He achieved it, and he started out as a courier driver. We spend all day every day delivering on that aim for dozens of happy clients.

Our aim for ourselves is to work with nice, happy people. We only want happy people around us so far as is possible. Property is difficult enough without over-promising and under-delivering to clients.

We encourage you to come to meet us to find out some of the challenges of investing in property and what we do to overcome them.