Why run the risk of DIY property investment.

I am sure we all have stories to tell about how trying to save time and money for house hold repairs through a DIY approach can have very expensive (and unexpected) consequences, unless you have the particular skilss required.

The same applies to investment property and property management. Have you ever resorted to a ‘Do it Yourself’ approach to projects which are better left to professionals, and paid a hefty penalty as a result?

We are all tempted at some point or other to try to save time, money or both by rolling up our sleeves and trying to get it sorted, thinking it will be easier to do it ourselves.

What about investment property? Isn’t that something you can do yourself? After all, you probably bought your family home by yourself – maybe even at an auction. Why should an investment property be any different? After all, it’s just another home, with the only difference being it’s to rent to someone else, rather than live in it yourself. Isn’t it?

Nothing could be further from the truth. With the right property and the right support, an investment property can become a source of inspiration and achievement as it develops into the goose that lays golden eggs for all your tomorrows.

However, getting it all wrong through trying to go it alone can be an expensive mistake, not least of all because the property will be a major capital commitment.

What value does a specialist company like Fossey Taylor bring to the table? Why are you better advised to use us rather than going it alone?

Firstly, while this might be your first investment property, we have helped hundreds and hundreds of property investors achieve this goal. The experience we have gained over the years and the value we provide includes:

  • Choosing the right location
  • Choosing the right property concept with ‘tenant appeal’
  • Ensuring affordability for the owner and tenants
  • Helping you to secure the right funding and structure
  • Registering the property in the right ownership vehicle (e.g. a trust)
  • Managing the construction process for you
  • Managing all the paperwork and removing the ‘hassle’
  • Finding tenants for you
  • Managing the property for you
  • Supporting you to grow your property investment portfolio.

Yes, you can certainly try to do all this by yourself, and unravel the complexity (and the great opportunity) of investment property by yourself. However, if professional support is available to you, with a tried and tested approach proven hundreds of times over, then why would you run the risk of DIY?