Would you like to SWAP cash in the bank for a higher performing interest rate?

I remember sometime in 2008 having a conversation with some of my friends over whether or not to put mone

y with an Icelandic bank called Kaupthing Bank. They were at the top of the savers charts with an unbelievable 6% gross payable interest rate. I was a moment away from a Telegraphic Transfer of £40,000 when someone interrupted me and I forgot about it for a few days, unfortunately some of my friends were not so lucky! Kaupthing Bank went bust soon after. Today is an opportunity for you to make a similar £40,000 cash swap. However the return is significantly better [up to 12%] and the security is bricks and mortar, not an over leveraged bank in Reykjavík!  We have access 5 properties before they go to auction, this is a great opportunity for Fossey Taylor clients to buy a very high yielding property at a significant discount, but you will need to be quick. These properties will not be hanging around!

Summary details are.

  • Purchase price £40,000 per unit.
  • Properties are in Derbyshire. DE55
  • Rent £400+
  • Yield 12%
  • BMV 25%
  • Only £1000 finders’ fee payable.
  • We can offer a fully managed lettings service for these properties.

The units are all recently refurbished 1 Bed flats in a charming conservation area location, benefiting from a recent refurbishment that included kitchen, bathroom, decoration and new gas central heating. MASSIVE yield! TINY cash input!

We can manage these properties for you if you wish, full management or let only. We can even offer a 5 year guaranteed rent option with all maintenance and any voids taken care of.

Exchange is auction conditions.

  • The properties need to be exchanged within 24/48 hours, these are probably cash purchases, however you will have 21 days to complete so finance is an option and we could help you arrange if required.
  • Auction pack, including searches is available with solicitors now.
  • Only FT clients able to move quickly can apply, these properties are only available today and tomorrow.

Next steps.

  • Please email your interest now for full details of the properties that are available, PLEASE INCLUDE A PHONE NUMBER.
  • We will allocate on a first come first served basis, going on the time we receive emails.
  • Sign FT paperwork agreeing £1000 finder’s fee.
  • Lodge £4500 with solicitors in preparation of exchanging tomorrow
    early next week.