Book Your Place on a Discovery Day -YPN

We run a free monthly ‘Discovery Day’, on which we take you through what we do and how we do it in detail, show you how you can build a property portfolio, take you to see some example properties, let you probe our business and ask all the questions you need.

Fossey Taylor Discovery DayWe recognise that Nottingham is quite a long way away and a large % of our customers are ‘Southern Centric’ we want to make sure your journey is worthwhile, in addition to the property investment workshop, we include a the tour of a couple of our investment properties in various stages of completion and you also have a chance to meet the Fossey Taylor team, giving you reassurance of the skill and knowledge of who you could be working with.

As mentioned earlier the day is completely free and with no obligation to use our services, we even give you some useful knowledge for free. The Nottingham property investment days take up just over half a day depending on the level of questions and answers that are asked.

So we really would recommend making the effort and coming over to see us in Nottingham.

The dates we are available are listed in the blue form above, take your pick and then fill in the details register your place.

We can show you how we buy a property, renovate and develop it to add value, and potentially refinance the property based on a higher value to release capital. In this way you can repeat the exercise to purchase more property, using some of the same original deposit.

This is for you if you…

  • If you want a better return on your investment than the banks
  • You want to build a profitable property portfolio
  • You are a busy professional
  • You desire passive investing
  • Would like a reliable pension
  • Want to use a company that invests its own money into property

Is that you? Yes!

Then book your place now on our next discovery day and we look forward to meeting you at the next event!

During the session we go through…

On the agenda.

  • Who are we & what do we do
  • Why do we do it & how do we do it?
  • A Tour of current property projects in Nottingham (virtual tour if done in London).
  • Why Nottingham?
  • History of property prices
  • Our 5 step proven investment model, proof of the property deals and the returns, investor case studies,
    portfolio illustration
  • Examples of our investment properties.
  • In addition we explain how we make your investing as stress free as possible.

We run the sessions with limited places and are offered on a strictly first come first served basis.